About Us

Australian Golf Teaching Swing Training Aids Hello & welcome to OZ Golf Aids,  The leading Australian website for improving your game & lowering your Golf score. From the age of 10 when my brother & I manned the drinks caravan at the Schweppes golf tournaments in Lake Taupo NZ (2 monster back to back 18 hole courses) we would listen to every pro golfer discuss the problems with their game. It was fascinating to see such a game that was supposed to be godlike destroy peoples will & emotion with such force. Well my father went on to be the club president & my sister then married a golf pro & here I am now in Sydney 40 odd years later providing some of the most talked about golf training aids & golf swing aids on the web, Including our signature Invention by NZ golf Pro Mark Elley - ("the Golf Foot")    to our customers..  We Love Golf, we live it & breath it, It gives you purpose, freedom & balance in life & it is that never ending journey of learning. We are here to provide guidance & to help you  bring your golf to the next level. We actually want you to have LESS !    LESS - stress in your game !  LESS - numbers on your score card !   So no matter where you are at with your Golfing, please explore & enjoy...    Cameron Scott